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What Are The Best Muscle Building Workouts And Diet For Growing Teens?

Teenage years are among the best and the worst times in any person’s lifespan. This is the official transition period from childhood to adulthood, wherein not only is the mind growing in maturity and wisdom, but so is the body. The rage of hormonal imbalance within a growing adolescent’s body causes not only confusion in his mind, but also the emergence of a wide variety of changes in the body.

For a male teenager trying to build up his physique, the body building program that suits his goals as well as his body profile may slightly differ from that of an adult man. While the adult has a better idea of what of the body type he has, the budding adolescent boy is still transitioning and therefore his body is much more unpredictable than that of an adult.

That’s why growing teenagers, boy or girl, both need the same nutrients and amount of energy to cater their growing body’s needs. And they both need just as much physical activities to ensure that their bodies adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

Muscle Building Workouts

Because of this raging hormonal imbalance in a young person’s body, teenagers are more active, both in mind and body, than the average adult. That is why aerobic activities are the most advisable exercises for the teens.

Aerobic exercises are called such because they get the heart pumping, therefore increasing blood flow throughout the body. In the blood stream is contained the element oxygen, which is necessary for the organs to function properly. Thus, if oxygen is quickly transported to the organs, then they begin to work efficiently and effectively.

One aerobic exercise that has increased its popularity over the past decade is running. With all the fund raising events and social gatherings that involve fun runs, who wouldn’t miss joining one? Running is not only a great way to exercise, it’s an enjoyable way as well to mingle and socialize with other people. Fun runs are the perfect setting to foster bodily fitness as well as social wellbeing. For a greater challenge, sprinting and cycling are top options.

Other activities that get the heart pumping and the body sweating are sports such as basketball and volleyball. Sport activities are an even better way to foster social wellbeing, since they also harness cooperation and competitiveness in the person.

Muscle Building Diet

For a growing teenager, the body’s need for nutrition cannot be stated even further. A young body needs a lot more energy than the average adult given his activeness, plus he needs a lot more nutrients since he is more susceptible to illnesses and diseases than the adult who has gained immunity over the years.

But what’s more interesting, though, is that teenagers are able to absorb and utilize more nutrients than the average Jane’s and Joe’s—which is why eating healthily is a very good investment for the young. The benefits of a healthy diet may not come immediately for a growing adolescent, but rest assured that he will reap all those benefits that he never imagined he had been storing all along.

While a teenage boy may opt to go on a protein rich diet, he should never lessen anyhow his consumption of other nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Teenagers are not advised to go on drastic diets because such may alter entirely how their body may work in the future, and worse may even cause irreversible damage.

Building muscles while growing up may not be as simple as blinking the eyes, but it can be as easy as learning to read. With an active lifestyle, a healthy diet, and an informed mind, muscle building for a teenager is far from impossible.

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Best Muscle Building Workouts Routines Using The Resistance Band

Resistance band exercises employ the use of a resistance band, which is made up of stretchable material that allows flexible movement for the user, but at the same time thick enough to provide resistance when the routine is performed. Resistance band exercises are usually the traditional exercise routines combined with the use of the resistance band. Using the resistance band, the traditional exercise is intensified, challenging the body builder to put more strength and provide greater stamina for the routine.

Resistance or exercise bands are very useful in improving one’s muscle building workout plan, especially when heavy and bulky weights are not available. Below are the top resistance band exercises that have been tried and tested to be easy and effective routines for huge muscle gains.

Band Pushups

The band pushups are intended to strengthen the chest muscle, as well as the triceps and shoulders. It is derived from the traditional pushups with definitely greater challenge for the body builder. To use the band for this exercise, simply hold the ends of the band on each hand, and wrap the band around the body through the back. The length of the band should be that of the initial down position, so that when pushing up, the band resists the force and the triceps have to counteract this resistance.

Band Face Pulls

To improve the biceps on the other hand, the band face pulls is the perfect resistance band exercise. This routine also improves the back and shoulder muscles for both strength and stability. In performing this routine, there should be a stable, immovable, and very strong raised location to hang the band in position. The strength of the location, for example a suspension bar, where the band will be wrapped is highly critical, as the exercise requires a movement of full force pull towards the body, particularly the face. It is done like the dumbbell curls, except that the weights used is the band, and the weight comes in the form of resistance from the body builder himself.

Standing Abdominal Crunches

The standing abdominal crunches is a more critical exercise than any other band exercise, since the band is wrapped around the neck—thus it is very essential that carefulness must be thoroughly practiced to avoid unnecessary accidents. This exercise is done by forming a loop enclosing the neck and wraps around a suspension bar, or any other equally capable material. The initial position is slightly bent forward, creating a 150-degree angle within the body, thus making this the length of the band.  With feet hip wide apart, bend down completely, pulling hard the band. In order to prevent unnecessary choking as well, holding the band behind the neck is advised.

Band Knee Extensions

The band knee extensions, like the other two band exercises, require the aid of an immovable bar, except this time it should be fasted on the ground. The exercise is done by simply wrapping the band behind the back knee, while standing at a distance from the bar where it is wrapped around as well; the initial position should be that the knee is slightly bending forward. After which, the quadriceps have to contract and pull the leg to straighten up. Obviously, this exercise is perfect for strengthening the quads and also promotes a healthy knee joint.

Band Leg Curls

On the other hand, if the hamstrings are the target muscles to enhance, the band leg curls is the top choice. It may be done like the traditional standing leg curls, in which the band introduces resistance for the hamstrings to contract more. The calves are actually strengthened as well, and are specifically improved for stability by the standing motion. If the latter is not of concern, then the band leg curls can be done while seated just as well.

Mastery of the basics is a prerequisite before performing any of these resistance band workouts. Proper form must be strictly observed throughout the duration of the routine, and if one does not observe proper form even from the traditional exercises from which most of these are derived, then he cannot rip the benefits of a big and strong muscular physique. Apart from that, he risks himself and possibly others to serious injuries that no muscle builder wants. To be on the safe side, the aid of a personal trainer as a spotter is highly advisable.

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Muscle Moments for Building Huge Arms Quick 2011

There are three simple truths that everyone must know about arm muscles.  The most basic one is that biceps and triceps are relatively small muscles when compared to the other muscle groups in the body. The second truth is that biceps are used and stimulated during all pulling movements for back exercises. The third truth is that triceps are employed in all basic movements for chest and shoulder exercises. What do we gain from knowing these? We now know that little direct stimulation is needed for building huge arms!

One factor that is always neglected by those over eager muscle builders is the importance of rest.  Muscles are not built in the gym. Mass building workouts actually work to stimulate the muscles and urge them to grow. This is just the first step in attaining muscle growth.  This means that you don’t have to spend many hours in the gym doing bicep curls and triceps extensions to gain bulging muscles worthy to oppose Popeye’s arms. You actually have to take time to rest.  With so many exercises that indirectly use the arms, you risk overtraining your muscles.  When overused, there is less time for the muscles to grow, putting all your efforts in vain as even months of workout will not build you huge arms.

The fastest way to gain mass in the arms is to concentrate on back and chest exercises. These muscle building routines will actually work out your biceps and triceps as well.  Fully extending and curling your arms during chest and back exercise will ensure the use of all muscle fibers, urging the arms to grow. Simple arm routines like barbell curls and standing cable pushdowns done in a couple of sets for about 5-7 repetitions will be enough to induce the arm muscles to grow. You can increase the repetitions once you are comfortable enough with them in order to continually challenge your muscles.

Diet should also not be forgotten whenever you’re actively exercising. Increase your fluid intakes and complete meals with carbohydrates, protein and good fat contents. Add simple carbohydrates to a post-workout protein shake to allow the muscles to grow.  It is advised that foods rich in amino acid leucine facilitate protein synthesis, critical for growing muscles. Some of these are soy protein, cottage cheese, fish, turkey, pork and beef.

Building huge arms are not difficult if you follow a regular routine that works out all the muscle fibers in the biceps and triceps. Since basic exercises also stimulate the arms, you don’t need to work much on these small muscles. With the proper combination of routine, diet and rest, you will soon see an increase in your arm muscles mass. You will have a set of impressive arms that can show strength and agility. For men, this is another thing that you can show off to girls. For women, nobody will mess with you anymore once they see the huge muscles that you have.  Do not over train your muscle to avoid the physical pain that tearing can bring and the heart break that you might experience if you don’t grow your muscles with all the efforts and time you invest in working out.

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Painless Workouts to Get Huge and Ripped Arm Muscles to Show Off

Most people go to the gym for various reasons. Some of them aim to lose weight while others ironically want to gain weight. However, don’t get me wrong in here. What I am trying to say is others who spend time going to the gym to gain weight are the gym buffs who desire to gain muscle mass. They want to get pumped. They engage in workouts to get huge and toned muscles. For most guys, huge arms with lots of cuts are found to be attractive to the opposite sex. This is the reason why men with huge arm muscles love to wear fitted shirts with short sleeves. That is to show off their pumped arm muscles they’ve worked so hard for. But is it really difficult to get huge arm muscles? The answer is no. Those who say that it is difficult are actually doing their arm training wrong. All you have to do is to strictly follow the best workout routine. Here are the best arm exercises for you to get massive biceps and triceps muscles.

Number one in the list is what you call the “Close Grip Chin-up” exercise. This is actually the best way to build mass in your arms. This exercise allows you to use your weight instead of dumbbells or barbells to give tension to your biceps. In addition to this, dumbbell and barbell curls are also good in developing your biceps. A type of dumbbell curl known as “Inclined Dumbbell Curl” is also an isolation exercise that gives extra stretch and tension to your muscle. This is exercise can make your biceps gain mass in no time. If you are concentrating on getting triceps muscles pumped, it is good to try “Parallel Bar Dip” exercise. This exercise is the counterpart of the close grip chin-up exercise. The difference is that the tension is more focused in the triceps muscles. A good evidence for the effectiveness of this exercise is the strong triceps that most gymnasts have. Another effective triceps exercise is the “Angled Bar Pushdown” exercise. This is preferred by more athletes because it gives lesser stress to the wrist and is more convenient to grip on compared to the straight bar. “Close Grip Bench” is also very effective for it permits you to use tons of weight that can put extra pressure to your triceps. Another effective triceps exercise that you may consider is the “EZ Bar Lying Triceps Extensions” exercise. Although very effective, this should be done in moderation for it may cause elbow problems.

If you are one of those many people who keep on asking “how do I get muscles?” the mentioned exercises can definitely help you get your dream pumped arms. Workouts to get huge arm muscles can be very easy if you will just execute them properly.  That is why you must consider proper posture, timing and grip when doing those workout exercises to avoid straining your muscles. And I promise you, in no time you will be able to show off those gorgeous and stunning arm muscles you’ve been wishing for.

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How to Stay Sexy and a Huge Muscle Woman at the Same Time

When men build huge muscles, people find it very common but when you see a huge muscle woman, she will often merit a second look and some wondering thoughts from people like why did she want to have huge muscles? Some people find it unattractive when women develop or grow huge muscles on their body because it is more fitting and applicable to men. But today, women are more competitive and adventurous and would take on anything that men can. And one of it is building huge muscles.

It can be quite surprising knowing that a woman wants to get huge. But there are women who really love muscles and find it attractive. If you are not aware, there are also body building competitions for women and you’ll be amazed with the muscles that these girls have! Being a huge muscle woman doesn’t mean you won’t be sexy anymore, in fact, confident body building women find huge muscles very sexy. And if you are one of these women who want to build huge muscles, here are some advices that you can learn from.

The first is to find mass building workouts for you. If you are a slim or a lean woman, the first priority to gain mass first and you can be able to do this through such workouts. Your diet is also a big factor for you to develop more mass that you can turn to muscles later on. You can consult a dietician on how to start gaining mass before starting on your workout routine. This is the second step of the process on becoming a huge muscle woman. You need to find weight lifting plans that will work best for your body. Realistically speaking, women will have a hard time building huge muscles because men are a lot stronger in lifting weights. But the trick here is to get used to the weight you can carry and slowly progress from there.

The third advice is to allot a day for a specific part of your body. You will need to work out your arms, legs, shoulder, back and abdominal muscles and it will be best that you have one day to focus on each part. Another reason in doing this is so your muscles can also rest. Muscles will only grow and develop during rest time and if you want to get them huge, you will need adequate rest and not push your muscles too far.

The key to growing huge muscles is by lifting weights. And to be able to grow huge muscles, you will need to lift heavier weights. In other words, you will need to push your muscles as far as they can to be able to grow those huge muscles in the body but of course, you must know where to draw the line. If you lift too much, you can strain and damage your muscles and you don’t want this to happen. There are different workout routines for each part of the body and you can ask your fitness trainer to give you a solid workout plan. If you follow all these advice, you will have huge muscles sooner than you think. Huge muscle women is not just about showing off, it’s also about being sexy, confident and most of all, healthy.

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Be a Huge Muscle Man and Attract Hot Women

There is no question that women really love big muscles on men. In fact, most women do get attracted to a man with huge muscles. This is one of the reasons why men put their time and effort in going to the gym and lifting weights. They want to look good for women and have an easier time attracting the women they like to date. Being a huge muscle man will take a lot of work and effort; the person must be really dedicated in achieving his goal. However, such attitude is not enough to get huge. The person must also have a workout plan that will be best suited for him.

In getting a fitness plan, he must directly consult a fitness trainer so he will be given a specialized workout routine for his body type and weight. Most often, the person will need to gain mass or weight before he can proceed with learning how to get huge and ripped. Well, if the person is overweight, then he should lose the extra weight but keep enough mass to work on. This is actually an easier way to become a huge muscle man because you got the mass you need to starting working on your muscles. On the contrary, it will be much harder for a skinny person to have huge muscles because of the lack of mass. But such problems can be worked on by consulting a dietitian. Just simply ask for a diet that will allow you to gain more mass.

To be able to start having huge muscles and attracting the ladies, here are some tips that you can follow: The first is to make sure that you eat more than 3 meals a day. This tip is related to your need in gaining mass. Again, you cannot develop huge muscles unless you have enough mass all over your body. What you need to do is eat at least 5-7 small meals a day and make sure you are getting the right amount of calories in your body. If you’re skinny, you may need to load more calories daily. Another connection between working out and your diet is that once you work out your muscles, they will need the energy you get from your food that is why you need to replenish the energy of your body so your muscles can develop properly.

The next tip is to lift heavier weights each week. You will always start the minimum weight you can carry and then increase the weight you lift. This is the best way to build huge muscles in your body. You can add around 5 pounds weekly. Now, the weight you will add will also depend on the muscles on your body. If you feel like adding 10 pounds would be tolerable for you then you should do so. Just keep in mind that the more weight you carry, the bigger the muscles that will develop.

The last tip is to follow your workout plan religiously and make sure your get enough rest. The workout plan you will be using comes from professionals and you should follow this consistently. And after your workout sessions, make sure you get the right amount of sleep and rest throughout the day. Your muscles won’t develop if they don’t get their much needed rest. With all these tips, you are on your way to making your body irresistible to women.

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The Best Ways to Achieve Huge Female Muscles without Scaring Off Men

Many female gym goers dream of achieving the perfect body. In today’s world, “perfect body” may mean many things. There are those people who want to lose weight to become skinny like most Hollywood female actors known today. Some want to become slender and enhance their vital statistics like those of the beauty queens. However, there are also women who go to the gym to get their muscles toned, and there lies the issue. Are women supposed to get huge muscles? Like many other men who are working so hard in the gym to get their muscles pumped and ripped, there are also women who dream of getting their muscles enhanced. They want to acquire the perfect arm cuts, strong leg muscles, flat and washboard-like abs and a firm, contoured butt. However, how can you develop this muscle-toned body like those women athletes with huge female muscles? The answer is you must first reflect on your workout plans and determine the possible mistakes that you keep on doing to get your muscles toned and ripped. According to many expert muscle builders, most gym buffs fail to grow their muscles because of these common mistakes.

The number one mistake that most gym goers do is that they work out as if they are like professional bodybuilders. This is very wrong. You must remember that you do not have the physical ability and recovery capacity of a professional muscle builder. As an average bodybuilder, you must not over train yourself. You must remember the principle that muscles grow during its recovery state. Therefore, you need to give yourself enough rest to give your muscle the time to recover. During this state, your muscles start to vascularise and grow more muscle fibers. If you are one of those people who think that they have the best workout to gain mass but still fail to do so, then maybe, you are overstraining your muscles and thus preventing them to grow.

Another mistake commonly committed by average bodybuilders is that they do not plan their workout routines. Most of them just go to the gym and do whatever they like. This is not very beneficial. If you really want grow muscles, you must follow a specific exercise routine. Another common mistake is most bodybuilders spend so much money on the wrong supplements. Instead of enhancing their muscles, all they ever got are hospital bills because of the tremendous side effects they got from taking those non-FDA approved supplements. This can be very scary, so do not take supplements just because a friend of your advised you to do so.

All these common bodybuilding mistakes are supposed to be out of your workout plan. If you are one of those women who want to gain huge female muscles, be sure to reflect on these top exercise mistakes. These things when avoided can definitely help you to gain mass in no time. In addition, always remember that the best way to build mass and to stay fit and healthy is still through the natural way.

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Get Huge Workouts: Programs That Will Help You Gain Muscle Mass In No Time

Achieving your dream body shape may not be as easy as 1, 2, and 3. It requires a lot of hard work, discipline and perseverance. So, if you are looking for the best workout to gain mass, do not expect for good results to come up to you in an instant. Building your muscles usually starts with weight lifting. An important thing to consider when you perform your workout routines is to avoid overstraining your muscles. You must also follow the correct posture when lifting weights, the appropriate time span for each routine and the proper diet that can sustain you in your whole exercise program. To get huge workouts, you must engage in exercise that requires the use of more than one muscle group. This kind of exercise involves compound movements. This is a more effective means to rapidly get huge muscles than exercise involving isolation movements such as dumbbell and barbell curls. There are several effective compound movements that you must try if you want to gain the muscle mass you desire.

An example of a compound movement is the “bench press” exercise. This exercise will help you to build chest muscles and enhance your shoulder and triceps. It is a very efficient exercise for it targets more than one muscle group. Another efficient compound movement is “squatting”. This is a good exercise to tone your legs and buttocks. Most women perform this exercise for it prevents them from having flabby fats in their legs and it also maintains the contour of their butt. Another helpful compound movement is the “deadlifts” which can help you develop your back muscles by lifting weights like barbells. It is important to keep your back firm when lifting weights to prevent you from acquiring injuries such as slipped disc. Another effective compound movement is the “military press”. This exercise focuses more on your shoulder muscles giving it a broader and firmer appearance. All these 4 compound movements will help you to get huge workouts that can provide you the best way to build mass.

Although weight lifting is the key to gain muscle mass, it would not be successful if you don’t follow the proper diet that will provide you the nutrient you will be needing to grow your muscles. Protein is a very important macronutrient for it provides amino acids that will build up your muscles. So, if you do not eat protein rich foods or take protein supplements, all your efforts to gain muscle mass will be put to waste. You will not be able to grow muscles without enough amino acids. You should also restrict yourself from eating foods rich in saturated fats. Therefore, you should not eat foods with empty calories such us junk foods, fast foods, alcoholic beverages and processed foods. Watching proper diet with the right exercise routine can definitely give you the body you desire. All these things may not be easy to achieve or follow but you must always take note of the saying “If there is no pain, there is no gain”.

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Be Sizzling Hot – Get Huge Workout Plan 2011

Those people who dream of getting their muscles enhanced think of the best get huge workout plan to follow. This is because there is a notion that the bigger the muscles you want to achieve, the more strenuous and complex your workout plans should be. However, these kinds of workouts do not mean that the exercise routines should be hard and complicated. There are exercise programs that can help you to get mass muscles effectively without overworking yourself. The secret is that you should be wiser on the kinds of exercises that you should incorporate in your workout plan. Mass building workouts should be fun and productive at the same time. This should not be a source of frustration and further stress, so to save you from those troubles, here are several bodybuilding tips that you can try if you want to get huge and ripped muscles effectively.

How do I get muscles fast? This is a very common question among beginners in the world of bodybuilding. A very important tip to follow is to engage more in compound exercise or movements. This kind of exercise is very efficient because it targets more than one muscle group. It is like working out two or more different parts of your body at the same time. Not only will it save you time, it will even give you better results. Examples of compound movements are leg and bench presses, chin-ups and squats. Another helpful tip is to incorporate squat and dead lifts in your exercise routine. These two types of exercises are among the most effective because it gives tension to many muscle parts of your body. In fact, engaging alone to these two types of exercise can already enhance 75% of your muscle system. In addition to this, doing these two types of exercise can result to higher levels of growth hormones in your system thus further stimulating your muscles to grow.

Lastly, having the appropriate amount of time to rest and recover is as important as following your workout routine. Therefore, it is very harmful to overwork yourself believing that you should exercise for long periods because it is the right way to make your muscles bigger. However, that is not the case. You should always remember that your muscles start to grow during your rest period and not during your workout. The most common mistakes that lead to overtraining are: First, you do not give enough time for your body to recuperate. By doing this, you will not give your muscles the time to vascularise and grow. Second, you may be giving yourself enough time to rest but the pressure and tension put to your muscles during your workout is too big for your body to handle and to recover. So if you are planning to get huge workout plan, consider on not overstraining your muscles. For sure, you would not want all your efforts to be put to waste. Another important thing is to choose your exercise routine wisely. Engage in exercises that can give you the muscles you want in a more efficient way.

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Get Huge Supplements and Build Firm Muscles in 2011

If you are wondering if there is anything that can help you for a fastest way to gain mass, get huge supplements are there to complement your workout plans.  There are different methods in taking supplements that you can take in between meals or even as meal replacements to help you on how to gain mass fast.  These are mostly composed of protein powders, powdered drink that can be taken instead of a meal, and hormone stacks.

Before you start taking these supplements, you should first take multivitamins. You should also start taking fish oil gels as it can help you gain some weight without having to eat a lot and get fat.  You should also take creatine products, especially ones that contain L-Arginine as it can help you in having more stamina to continue your mass building workouts for a longer period of time.

Since you are planning to get bulked up, protein is essential to help you do so.  Whey protein and blended protein powdered drinks will make you gain body mass.  There are different ways on how to take them so that you will be able to have more effective results. The meal replacement powder is also recommended, and this should add up to your meals.  You will need to take about five to six meals each day at three hours interval to increase your weight.  If you are not able to eat on schedule, then a replacement meal powdered drink will help you for your caloric intake.  This should only be consumed once a day however, as real food is still a better choice.

Hormone cycles should also be taken while you are in this weight gain program.  If you are not sure if this is good for you, you should first consult a doctor and see if there will be any health complications upon taking them.

So how should you go about this supplement program? First, you should take two to three scoops of metabolic whey and drink this upon you wake up. After one hour, you should take your breakfast and drink your multivitamins. You should also do this during lunchtime and dinner.  Before you go to bed, drink your other protein powdered drink. You should also drink those fifteen to thirty minutes after your workouts to help your body repair your muscles.  Meal replacement drinks should of course be taken when you are skipping your real meal, but again, remember that this should only be taken once a day.  If you consume lots of this, you will be getting fatter which is not good as you want to develop your muscles not fat.  You should do this in the first four weeks of the program, and the rest of the two weeks will be concentrated on the capsules and vitamin supplements mentioned above.

By doing your workouts, eating right, and taking these get huge supplements, you will be able to see the results in your first or second week.  After six weeks or the full cycle of the program, you should be massive and be able to show off that chiseled body.

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